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Heating & Air Conditioner Maintenance By American Independent

American Independent Heating & Air Conditioning offers money-saving heating and air conditioner maintenance.

AC Maintenance
With AC maintenance, we offer up to 1 free pound of refrigerant if it is needed, which includes a standard-sized filter. Our licensed technicians check over the compressor and fan motors, all electrical controls and wiring, pressures, and super heat. We wash out the condenser coil, and offer any recommendations such as cleaning shrubbery around the unit.

The overall performance of the system is checked in order to make sure that your AC is ready for the summer. Proper maintenance gives your system a longer life, lowers electric bills, and offers you peace of mind. Call us for a service quote. Ideally, this maintenance service should be performed between March and May before it gets hot outside.

Heating Maintenance
American Independent Heating & Air Conditioning always checks all safeties first, and includes a standard-sized filter with our heating maintenance service. All electrical controls and wiring, the ignition system and burners, the airflow, and the overall performance of the heating system are checked.

Recommendations are made as needed. Your heating system maintenance should be done between October and December, but your system can be serviced any time during the year. We also clean the flame sensor if the unit has one.

Maintain a Comfortable home with American Independent Heating & Air Conditioning